The School offers the following facilities for the benefit of the students

Education Tours, Picnics, Outings etc

Education remains incomplete unless and until an outing is undertaken. Hence we arrange educational tours to various places for all the classes separately.


The school provides Hostel facility for boys and girls from classes V and above. Hostel facilities are planned in such a manner that the inmates feel at home always. Spacious and well laid-out rooms with telephone facility, study room with warden- supervision, hygienic and safe kitchen, spacious dining room, medical, recreation and laundry facilities are just some of the special features. The inmates are given utmost care for their academic, spiritual, social and moral growth. Continue reading. Hostel Admission

Bus Service

We have excellent transportation facility.

School Bus Regulation
  • The School provides transportation facilities to students. Children who want to use the school bus facilities should apply for it to the principal at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Commuting by school bus is an occasion for the pupils to cultivate good habits like patience, forbearance, tolerance, sympathy, team spirit, co-operation and consideration for others.
  • In order to maintain order and discipline in the school bus, students are to co-operate with the bus staff.
  • Request for school bus facility or its discontinuance is normally not admissible for a period less than a term. On such cases, the fee for the term is to be paid

Continue reading... School Bus Route

Band Troop

The school has a band -troop under the able guidance of a band master with a complete band set. Selected pupils from all classes get trained to be its members. In addition to imparting discipline, it adds decorum and music to our various functions.

Organisation in the school

The school has the following academic, co curricular and advisory organizations for the all round development of students and effective functioning of the school.

Compulsory Clubs
Every Student has to be a member of at least two of the Compulsory Clubs
  1. Heritage Club
  2. Eco Club
  3. Disaster Management Club
  4. G.K. Club
  5. AEP Club
  6. Health and Wellness Club

Optional Clubs
  • Talents Cub
  • Dramatic Club
  • Science Club
  • Mathematics Club
  • Literary and Debating Club

Other Organisations
  • PTA
  • Student Council
  • Editorial Board
  • Guidance Cell
  • Prayer Cell
  • School Choir
  • Band Troupe
  • Dance Troupe
  • Social Service League
  • DCL
  • KCSL