The School offers the following facilities for the benefit of the students

Computer Aided Education

The smart class enables teachers to use digital resources such as graphics, animations, 3D Images and Video clips in addition to the chalk and talk method of teaching. This results in a completely new multi sensory learning experience for students and helps them to improve their academic performance. The classrooms turn into lively learning platforms for students and the teachers can choose from a variety of teaching tools with graphics, sound, animations, and videos. The programme was conceptualized to enable the school to bring about a digital revolution in classrooms. The solution will enable teachers to show multimedia digital tools such as animation clips, Videos, pictures, Diagrams, working models right inside the classroom while teaching difficult or abstract curriculum concepts.
Students acquire a greater understanding of the concepts taught in the classroom and they enjoy the process of learning, enabling them to improve their academic performance.

Language Lab


Co-Curricular Activities

Mary Mount is committed to the belief that every child is gifted and the school shall help the child identify, explore and nurture this gift. It offers golden opportunities to the children to excel themselves in different arts. Music, drama and art are part of the life at the school. Co-Curricular Activity periods are specially set apart for all the classes so that no child misses the chance of improving and sharpening his/her talents. They are also given an arena for performing and upbringing their ability in the form of celebrations which are unique ways of developing a child's body and mind.
The School promotes and preserves the basic culture of our society. Therefore, we provide coaching classes in Bharathanatyam, Hindustani & Karnatic Music. Accomplished teachers provide a carefully - configured training in Indian Folk Dance, Classical Dance, Needle work, Karate, Kung fu, Yoga, Musical Instruments, Western Music, Drawing, Painting, Magic, KolKalli, Theatre,Abacus and a lot more.

Personality Development & Moral Education

Ample facilities are provided for the total growth of the pupils personality. Proper moral and religious instruction is imparted with special attention to each student. Various workshops are conducted at regular intervals for the proper nourishment of their behaviour professionals. The school upholds moral values and helps the students to imbibe and understand their roles in the society. Apart from moral values and instruction the school facilitates the students (belonging to Christian community) to take part in religious activities like Holy Mass and confession. All these factors lead in carving out a better citizen of tomorrow with a sense of responsibility towards himself, to the society and the nation at large.