Mary Mount has an excellent Playschool and Kindergarten - with the most modern facilities, child- centered and activity- oriented programmes to impart pre-learning skills in kids. We provide physical care along with love, warmth and ample opportunities in the journey of learning process. Here the little ones are in the caring hands of a team of loving and devoted teachers who will guide them towards a life full of opportunities. The well equipped classrooms not only provide entertainment to the kids but also enhance teaching.

Mary Mount Kindergarten aims at providing education, which instills values, enables students to explore their surrounding and learn through fun and play. Together with the traditional methods with interactive participatory approach, the curriculum and methodology is designed to ensure that the child adds value to his growth each moment, each day.

"Learning can be made fun"- to the the child, through music, drama story telling, audio visual learning, group activity, communication, creative and visual imagery develops confidence, self esteem and a yearning for learning. In an informal setting, where emphasis is on all round development, which encompasses emotional and social development, language development and academic skills. Readiness for literacy and numerical skills are gradually created. At all times the child's space of development is respected.

Here the teacher is a friend, confidante, guide and counsellor to each student. Since class composition is small, interactive communication and personal attention is given to every child. The students feel at home in school with the assistance of special teachers for music, games and sports.