Public School

Primary Classes : 1-V
Primary education has been identified as the most crucial stage in the education of child. The aims is to provide a sound foundation in the development of child's personality and his/her understanding of good and bad. The Primary students are housed in a colourful building with vibrant interiors that captures the interest and simulate the imagination of these young minds. The various themes depicted on the walls, help create a strong visual impact and provide students with an appealing atmosphere for learning. Field trips and nature walks also form an interesting part of our curriculum. Children are also encouraged to actively participate in various sports activities. The creative urge in children is further enhanced with art and craft activities. Children are also provided options to further enhance their theatrical, physical and artistic skills. To sum up the prime focus of Mary Mount Primary section is to promote activity based knowledge in a child-friendly environment.

Middle Classes: VI-VIII
At the middle school level, a child needs closer monitoring and greater support. Thus teacher-parent interactions are augmented and remedies for problems or difficulties faced by students are offered. It is at this sage that the foundation for overall development of child is laid. Skills and talents are identified, natured and enhanced. Students begin participating in inter-house & inter-school activities, and choose from a variety of extra- curricular activities and classes offered by the school.

Secondary Classes: IX & X
The students of the Secondary School are trained to handle the increasing demands of academics, based on the Central Board of Secondary Education curriculum. Students are prepared for their first board examination. The Secondary School also provides training to enhance communication skills and encourage them to participate in a wide range of inter-house and inter-school competitions in cultural and sporting activities. Innovative and interactive workshops are conducted on issues related to after- adolescence, helping students understand the phase of life they are passing through Career Counseling also forms an integral part at this level.

Subjects Taught
English, Hindi, Malayalam, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Science, Environmental Studies, Computer science, General Knowledge, Moral Science, Environmental Education,Value Education, Life Skill, Physical and Health Education,Art education, Work Education etc.