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Mary Mount Kindergarten
....with a new Ambience to Impart Quality and Holistic Learning

Mary Mount has an excellent Playschool and Kindergarten - with the most modern facilities, child- centered and activity- oriented programmes to impart pre-learning skills in kids. We provide physical care along with love, warmth and ample opportunities in the journey of learning process. Here the little ones are in the caring hands of a team of loving and devoted teachers who will guide them towards a life full of opportunities. The well equipped classrooms not only provide entertainment to the kids but also enhance teaching.....

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Mary Mount Public School

Classes 1-10

Primary education has been identified as the most crucial stage in the education of child. The aims is to provide a sound foundation in the development of child's personality and his/her understanding of good and bad. The Primary students are housed in a colourful building with vibrant interiors that captures the interest and simulate the imagination of these young minds. The various themes depicted on the walls, help create a strong visual impact and provide students with an appealing atmosphere for learning....

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Junior College


The Faculty of Mary Mount Junior College is totally devoted to the cause of imparting education of the best quality. The management ensures that teachers are continuously trained in effective and innovative teaching methodologies, so that knowledge imparted is well imbibed by students. The staff takes the best effort to mould and refine the young lives that pass through the portals of this great institution. Our experienced professors make sure that the students get the personal attention and experience they need to foster their academic career and personal growth....

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